To tink or not to tink, that is the question

Remember the Pie Are Square shawl? Well, I’ve gone beyond the final row of yarn-over increases, beyond the edge of the galaxy into no-knitters-land. It just wasn’t big enough. I think the needles I’m using are too small. At any rate, I still have a skein+ of yarn left, so I decided to add an extra row of yarn-overs beyond what EZ’s pattern calls for. At this point, there are more that 500 stitches on my needles. Ok, I’m feeling good. I may not have enough yarn to make a pretty lace border in the same colorway as the main yarn of the shawl, but I can find a color to contrast/coordinate and it will look great, I’m sure. But wait. What’s that?

Pie Are Square dropped stitch

Lordie. I'm too green to know what to do about this!

A DROPPED STITCH! 13 ridges back!!! Ok. Let’s breathe in. I can drop down, pick up the stitch and bring it back up to the working row. Problem is: the yarn-overs. They will be off. It’s a yarn over, knit one across the row, with an all knit row after that. Where’s that extra stitch going to go? Do I K2tog somewhere? Will anyone notice? I will! Do I un-knit the last knit row, then yarn over, K1 row, then pick up the dropped stitch so my pattern stays even? Guh. I discovered the dropped stitch about a month ago and I just haven’t been able to face it since. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment and let me know what to do. EEEE!

Now for a note on the needles I’m using. I started on regular Addi Turbo circular needles, but now that I’m beyond the edge of the universe with this shawl. I had to get longer circs, so I ran off to my LYS and discovered: Addi Turbo … for LACE! These needles are awesome! A little bit pointier than regular Addis, with just a little grip, so you have a handle on your yarn. I love them. Once I’m over this yarn over hump, I’ll be knitting like mad on this shawl. Heck, I’m going to get me more lace weight yarn just so’s I can use these needles. Now I wish I had enough yarn to turn this shawl into a dang cloak! Mmmm. I’m digging the Addi Turbos for lace. 🙂

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